Introduction to Gambling by Country

With hundreds of online casinos operating, there are tons of options for players who are looking to enjoy the thrills and rewards of real money games online. However, not every player will have the ability to connect with real money games. Each country will have its own laws pertaining to online gambling and before players access any casino sites, they should become familiar with these laws so the know how to find online casinos and how to gamble safely and legally online.

Australian Online Casino Gambling

Players who reside in Australia will have a variety of choices when it comes time to play at an online casino. While there are many sites that cater to these players, there are actually no true online casinos that are operating within Australia. The government does not condone online gambling and does not allow any site to be licensed or operate within the country’s borders. While there are no laws that state that online gambling is illegal, players will have to seek out off shore sites if they wish to play games for real money.

Even though online casinos do not exist in Australia, there are still many options that are available to those that enjoy playing online. With many sites offering Australian Dollars as a currency and supporting popular payment methods like POLi, players can easily locate a legally operating casino and enjoy the action of great games and fantastic payouts. Australia has no intention of offering gaming licenses to online casinos, so players will have to continue to make use of sites that are licensed in other jurisdictions, such as the many that are operating in the United Kingdom.

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New Zealand Online Casino Gambling

Like Australia, New Zealand has some gambling laws in place that will affect how players access sites to play real money games. There are no sites in New Zealand that hold a license to operate as the government does not promote online gambling. In addition to restricting the operation of such sites in the country, New Zealand also states it is illegal for any online casino to advertise to players who reside in the country. While this makes it a bit harder to find sites, there are still hundreds of great online casinos that will gladly accept players who are residing in New Zealand. In fact, many casinos offer special bonuses for these players.

New Zealand gambling laws do not make it illegal for individual players to access online casinos, but it is illegal for any organisation top try to operate a casino site within the country. Due to these restrictions, players are forced to find off shore sites that will provide access to real money games using New Zealand Dollars. With some great choices, players do not have to look far and they will quickly find that some of the leading sites in the industry will welcome those that are from this location.

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Canada Online Casino Gambling

Gamblers who reside in Canada have an upper hand when it comes to playing casino games online. The government in Canada supports online casinos and all gambling activities and there are no laws in place that restrict how players can access such sites. In fact, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the better known commissions to oversee the operation of online casinos right in Canada, offering players the ability to play at sites that will provide revenue to areas of Canada.

Since there are no restrictions in place, Canadian players are also free to play at any licensed online casino around the world. This provides them with access to sites licensed in the UK and other areas. With this freedom, Canadian players do not have to worry about any legal issues when playing online and they will be accepted as real money players at any site that is chosen. Seeing as thousands of Canadians gamble online daily, leading sites will always offer top rated payment methods like InstaDebit and will process all transactions in Canadian Dollars, making it safe, simple and quick for players to access and manage their casino accounts at any time.

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South Africa Online Casino Gambling

Players who reside in South Africa may face some struggles when they are seeking an online casino where they can play a variety of real money games. For many years, all forms of gambling in South Africa were deemed illegal. In 1996, the National Gambling Act was passed and this allows forms of gambling to be regulated by the National Gaming Board. In 2004, a revised version was offered and just four years later, the National Gambling Amendment Act was offered. These two new acts were designed to regulate online gambling in South Africa.

Technically speaking, online gambling in South Africa is illegal and there are few options for players in the country. Since the laws have been changed, South Africa has granted just 10 licenses to online casinos allowing them to operate in the country. This leaves players with a small selection. Luckily, many off shore casino sites will still eagerly accept real money players from South Africa, so there are some great sites available. Even with strict gambling laws in the country, players can access these other sites and enjoy real money action at any time. As of now, no individual player has ever been fined or penalised for engaging in online gambling activities.

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